sugar addiction


sugar addiction

The MORA ® bioresonance method with proven 2-channel technology allows for an effective therapy in the fight against sugar addiction. Non-invasive, painless and without side effects!

MORA® Therapy for addicted to sugar

This is one of the most effective ways to quit sugar. The MORA® device works in such a way that it transmits electromagnetic waves to our body. The waveform is changed to the opposite. Two opposing waves of the same frequency overlap (resonance) and the detoxification process starts. 

Sugar addiction in children and adults is a problem that we are often unaware of.
The initial symptoms are non-specific and often underestimated, because at first glance it is difficult to associate them with excessive sugar consumption. Headache, itchy rash, fatigue, skin changes (e.g. acne) in adulthood – these are the effects of prolonged excessive sugar consumption.

Moreover, sugar leads to the development of the same addiction as other stimulants such as alcohol, nicotine and drugs. The mechanism is the same – the growing cravings for sweets result in constant snacking. The need to eat something sweet is unmanageable, and the more sweets an addicted person eats, the more the body becomes addicted and needs more.

Constant eating of sweet things and bouts of uncontrolled hunger for sweet things lead to the development of health problems, including: overweight and obesity, heart and circulatory system diseases (eg atherosclerosis) and mental problems. Eating an excessive amount of sugary foods leads not only to the development of a physical addiction to sugar, but also to changes in the psyche.

This problem is complex and difficult to solve because many people are not aware of the addiction, and the constant and widespread access to sweets in stores only makes the task difficult.