Quantum Magnetic Bioresonance Analyzer

You are responsible for your health.

Achieve a better understanding of your body with intelligent BQAS diagnostics.

Over 250 parameters in less than 2 minutes with valuable information on imbalances in the body.

BQAS is an innovative and modern method that is a breakthrough in the current diagnostics of the human body, allowing for a comprehensive assessment of the health condition.

Thanks to the quantum BQAS analyzer, it is possible to detect abnormalities in the human body early, before visible symptoms appear. Thanks to BQAS you can see the “common thread”, ie the picture of your current physical situation. This means that physical disharmonies can already be recognized during their development stage and you can take specific countermeasures before they endanger you. Ordinary diagnostics are complex and expensive. More and more significant research is being removed from the catalog of services provided by health insurers. That’s why smart and sustainable early detection diagnostic options are so important. Thanks to BQAS, we have the opportunity to examine all the necessary parameters in less than two minutes to identify the cause and focus on improving the current situation.

Assessments make it easier to understand your body.