The MORA ® bioresonance method with proven 2-channel technology stimulates self-healing power, thus eliminating disorders and blockages. Non-invasive, painless and without side effects!


The MORA® device was developed in the second half of the 20th century thanks to the collaboration of the engineer Erich Rasche and the medical doctor Franz Morell. They created a system of diagnostics and therapy that uses modern biophysics to effectively treat many diseases, creating the concept of cell bioresonance.

The basic assumption of bioresonance diagnostics is the fact that every organism or substance consists of constantly vibrating molecules that produce very weak electromagnetic pulses. This applies to both every cell of the human body and the microorganisms that affect it. Pathogens such as viruses, fungi, bacteria, parasites or molds that enter the body disturb its electromagnetic balance, causing pathological conditions, i.e. diseases. The MORA® apparatus is able to detect these ‘foreign’ vibrations, analyze them and transform them into therapy.

Diagnostics with the use of bioresonance takes much shorter than the one traditionally used in hospitals and clinics – it allows you to find the causes of diseases in less than an hour. Such examination is non-invasive, painless and does not require any prior preparation. During the examination, the patient sits comfortably on the chair, holds the electrodes in his hands, and places his bare feet on plates – special alloy electrodes. The therapist touches the skin at the tips of the fingers and toes with a special sensor that is connected to a diagnostic device. Thanks to this test, the energy work of individual organs is determined and it is determined which organ is working normally and which is inflamed or shows a decrease in energy due to degeneration.

After examination, we get a graph of the energetic work of the organs, which is presented to the patient. Thanks to the chart, you know where to look for the cause of specific ailments. After a series of tests, it is recommended that therapies activate the body’s regulatory processes that occur as a result of ultra-weak electromagnetic information from the patient’s body. Thanks to this, specific regulatory mechanisms are released and the processes of self-healing are activated.


that will change your life!


In BioturalTM, the patient during both the diagnostic examination and the therapy must have his feet uncovered, which he places on special plates containing electrodes that read information from the body and transmit it to the apparatus and computer. The examination is carried out using a pointoscope applied to specific points located on the fingers and toes, which correspond to specific organs and systems of our body. Thanks to this, we are able to determine what is the cause of our malaise and deterioration of health.
Both the MORA® examination and the therapy are completely painless and non-invasive, which is an ideal solution for treating children.


  • heavy metal load (the ability to check 44 chemical elements commonly used in the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries, as well as those present in the environment),
  • pesticide load (42 bacterial, snail, insect, weed and fungicidal substances used for plant protection),
  • the presence of parasites (21 types, including toxoplasmosis, human roundworm, tapeworm, pancreatic flukes, liver fluke, etc., which most often enter the body through infected food, as well as through contact with infected people and animals),
  • bacteria (about 22 types, including golden staphylococcus, blue oil rod, salmonella, yersinia, chlamydia trachomatis, borrelia spirochetes and many others),
  • fungi (24 strains causing infections of the skin, urogenital system and digestive system dysfunctions),
  • mold fungi (31 strains responsible for infections of the upper and lower respiratory tract, chronic sinusitis, nose and throat inflammation),
  • viruses (about 27 types, including HPV, shingles, herpes simplex, EBV, cytomegalovirus, influenza viruses, and nervous system viruses).