few words about us

Welcome to Biotural TM Our motto "live without limits!" You will change your current life in comfortable conditions - non-invasive, painless and without side effects!

At BioturalTM, our specialists, based on modern technologies and the experience of medical, physical and chemical sciences, as well as traditional holistic knowledge, will surely make a correct diagnosis, which is the first step to start fighting the disease. We use modern methods, incl. such as cell bioresonance with MORA® devices, the only ones on the market that are so effective in diagnosis and treatment.

A stay in the facility includes an individually selected treatment, cleansing, detoxifying and rejuvenating program for each patient. The patient is under the care of competent specialists, resting in interiors designed to be patient-friendly.


that will change your life!

In BioturalTM, the MORA® therapy is used, which is a comprehensive concept of diagnosis and treatment with the use of vibrations appropriate for the patient. The method of this therapy was developed in 1977. Dr. Franz Morell et al. Erich Rasche. This method uses the latest achievements of modern biophysics.

This method makes it possible to detect the source of the disease and effectively fight the pathogens that cause it. The most common are bacteria, viruses or fungi. Bioresonance allows you to find abnormal vibrations in every cell of the body, indicative of disorders, and then to use the influence of electromagnetic fields on the body to regenerate diseased organs, destroy parasites, fungi, bacteria, clean the body of toxins, increase immunity and support the therapy of many diseases chronic, e.g. Lyme disease.

The elimination of pathogens does not harm the body like drugs, which usually have many side effects. Modern devices, cooperating with computers, allow to select the frequency of vibrations for a specific pathogen and act only on it.